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Travel from Klaipeda

The pearl of our country, Klaipėda, pulls in travellers not only because of its beauty, amazing places nearby and purposeful tourist attractions but also because a wide range of tour destinations from the Klaipėda city. From a strategic point of view, Klaipėda is an extremely convenient starting point for many tourists arriving there by both land and water transport. So, it is not surprising that the port city receives many visitors who come from Denmark, Germany and other countries and are eager to explore Klaipėda and a variety of other places in Lithuania.

Attractive travel destinations from Klaipėda that promise lots of impressions:

  • Nida, attracting those who are longing for the enchanting landscape, authenticity and high quality leisure;
  • Palanga, enjoyed by travellers of all ages and different needs;
  • Königsberg, fascinating by its unique culture, architecture and history.
  • Tours of Vilnius, giving a truly purposeful time and enhancing the baggage of your knowledge;
  • Tours of Juodkrantė, offering the opportunity to get acquainted with characters coming from legends and to visit other amazing tourist attractions;
  • Tours of Kaunas entice everyone who is not indifferent to art, history and architecture, as well as provide the opportunity to visit the unique Devils’ Museum located in this city;
  • Traveling around Plateliai will fascinate those who enjoy spending time in nature and are not indifferent to its beauty;
  • Sightseeing in Šiauliai will be highly appreciated by those who love visiting museums, as this city of Lithuania boasts a lot of them;
  • Enchanting tours of Ventė, involving a visit to the Ventė Cape Ornithological Station!

Our day trips around Lithuania with the starting point in Klaipėda give everyone a variety of impressions and knowledge, as well as provide the opportunity to explore the unique features of different cities and the history of the entire country, the character of the architecture, the wonders created by nature, and other attractions.

Why travel around Lithuania from Klaipėda with us? We ensure attentiveness to every traveller, an entire itinerary carefully planned, smooth travel, entertaining stories told by our tour guides and best travel experience. What’s more, our economy tours provide the opportunity to enjoy the pleasures of travel for everyone, even for those on a tighter budget.

When choosing our organized trips from Klaipėda, you will have an opportunity to tour not only by bus or travel on foot but also to enjoy cycling trips and memorable time on yachts and sailboats.

Do not hesitate - give yourself funny moments, splendid impressions and the best emotions, and get to know, see and experience along with that!

Tour operator "Klaipeda tours" and our achievements

With over a decade of successful operation in the tourism industry, today we can offer you optimal solutions, the best value for money, professionally planned and organised trips and unforgettable travel experience. Impressive and meaningful tours across Lithuania, the Lithuanian seaside and the major cities of the Baltic States await you with the Klaipėda Tours team.

Our precisely selected travel routes will ensure the greatest baggage of impressions and the lasting memories of your acquaintance with the Lithuanian seaside and its surroundings. We offer one-day tours to Nida and Palanga, as well as to Šiauliai, Plateliai, Juodkrantė, and Ventė, and purposeful tours of the Klaipėda city. In addition to one-day trips, Klaipėda Tours organises 7 to 14-day tours that combine stays in the three capitals of the Baltic States and visits to the most popular destinations along the route of the tour. Such a Baltic tour is truly fascinating for travellers from abroad.

Why travel with Klaipėda Tours?

  • Individual tours along the Lithuanian seashore fully meet your needs and requirements and, therefore, often exceed the expectations of travellers;
  • We organise each trip with the utmost care, taking into consideration and evaluating a great variety of aspects;
  • Our team is continuously growing and perfecting skills in the field of travel organisation, so we are aware of all the nuances inside this market, as well as we are able to adapt quickly to change and to offer the best solutions for everyone;
  • We select the vehicles, drivers and tour guides that meet the needs of a group of the travellers on the tour best - maximum comfort is guaranteed;
  • When organising trips along the Lithuanian seaside and tours of other places, we cooperate only with reliable and well-liked tour guides who make those trips memorable, purposeful and extremely interesting;
  • Depending on the type of the group of travellers and the route, we provide tours on foot and using the following modes of transportation: cars, coaches, bicycles, yachts and boats, as well as we provide special transport for the groups of the disabled, if needed;
  • We also often act as intermediaries to maximize the comfort and ensure best travel experience for our customers, i.e., we can buy ferry and airline tickets, make hotel reservations and provide other services.

We are proud of our achievements:

  • Over 150 tours annually;
  • More than 600 satisfied customers in 2019;
  • Reliable partnership with 12 loyal partners in foreign countries;
  • Dedicated team members who love their job!

Would like to get to know the Lithuanian seaside, to visit its amazingly beautiful sites with a profound history, or to see other cities in Lithuania and the Baltic States? Then we are eagerly waiting for you and look forward to giving you the joy of knowledge!