Klaipėda Old Town and Amber Queen Museum

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From 65.00 € for an adult
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Klaipėda Old Town and Amber Queen Museum

Tour Description

1 Day
Local tours
Places visited: Klaipeda tours

It is an active walking tour designed for healthy and active participants.
Duration: 3 hours

Tour program itinerary

1 Day: Amber Museum and Klaipeda Old Town

The tour will start at the Klaipėda Cruise Ship Terminal, close to the Childhood Dream (lith. Vaikystės svajonė) sculpture, which depicts a boy, waving with his navy cap farewells and greetings to departing and arriving ships. You will have a moment to admire the marina for yachts and small boats and, then, will move further to visit the Theatre Square, which is considered to be ‘the heart’ of Klaipėda city and attracts large flows of both local people and guests to the city. It is a place where lots of concerts, various art and cultural events are held, as well as the place that fills up with hustle and bustle of the famous Sea Festival every summer. The magnificent sculpture of Ann from Tharau (lith. Taravos Anikė), a young barefoot girl with a flower blossom in her hands, dedicated to the poet Simon Dach will greet you at the Theatre Square. The guide will make sure that the time in the Theatre Square is spent not only admiring fabulous sculptures but also gaining new knowledge: you will hear a lot of interesting things about the old town of Klaipėda, peculiarities of the layout of its streets, architecture, and history of the city.

Impressive sculptures are another attraction of the old town of Klaipėda, and there is no shortage of them there. You will meet the Cat with Gentleman’s Face (lith. Katinas džentelmeno veidu), find the Magical Mouse (lith. Stebuklingasis peliukas), to which you can whisper your secret wish, see the huge Dragon sitting on the wall of a building and hear the story of its creation, and wave to the Chimney Sweep (lith. Kaminkrėtys) looking at you from the roof, who has not find himself there by chance as well, as not only does each charming sculpture delight the eye, it also has a unique story of its origin. And, upon arriving at the John’s Hill (lith. Jono kalnelis), you will get a chance to see the only surviving ravelin and to discover some interesting facts about the history of the fortification system.

After a meaningful time in Klaipėda Old Town and sightseeing, you will travel to the Amber Queen museum, which will greet you by spectacular exhibits: unique amber pieces, fascinating by both size and form, that have come to this amber museum from all over the world, as well as marvellous fragments of the amber room, very rare inclusions and a huge and extremely valuable collection of antique amber articles. You will have an opportunity to familiarise yourself with modern and ancient amber exhibits. All of this will make you understand that amber is deservedly known as ‘Lithuanian gold’. The Amber Queen museum presents the truest treasures of the Baltic Sea amber. You will be surprised by the originality and uniqueness of the amber, and the entire exposition of the amber museum, so be sure that the time will pass swiftly when there, while your baggage of knowledge will increase enviably!

Should you be interested in the places to eat in Klaipėda, the guide will show you great restaurants and cafes in the old town, which will surprise you with the delicious dishes of traditional Lithuanian and foreign cuisine.

Originale parašyta Paslaptingasis peliukas, bet ar neturėtų būti Stebuklingasis peliukas?

Included in tour:

  • Guide service;
  • A ticket to the Amber Queen museum.

Excluded in tour:

  • Travel expenses

Important tour notice

  • The tour is not recommended for those who have walking difficulties, leg pain or experience other walking-related discomfort.
  • Guides speaking English, German, Spanish or Russian are available for this tour.
  • Price varies by group size.