Vilnius tours

Vilnius tours

Vilnius – a city that will not leave history, architecture and art fans indifferent

Vilnius is the capital of the country and the largest city, so have no doubt it will give you lots of impressions, unforgettable moments and an enviably good time. Your stay in Vilnius will be a perfect experience, and even a whole week will not be enough to visit all interesting and famous places this city can offer.

The capital has an enviably developed catering and accommodation infrastructure, so those looking for a place to stay and to eat in Vilnius will have a very wide range of options.

Places to visit in Vilnius

The places to visit in Vilnius are very diverse and their abundance will allow every guest to the city to create a purposeful personalised route to get acquainted with the Lithuanian capital. Visit the old town and the majestic Cathedral Basilica, the most important place of worship in the country, situated at the foot of Mount Gediminas. It will fascinate you be the massive columns that decorate the exterior, numerous sculptures, as well as by the interior and mysterious vaults that were once a burial place for dukes, the nobility and bishops. It is worth booking a tour to the vaults of the cathedral and the royal mausoleum. The Presidential Palace, which is also worth seeing at least from the outside, is situated in Simonas Daukantas Square quite close to the Cathedral Basilica.

The cathedral is the starting point of Gediminas Avenue, one of the main streets of the city. Lots of shops, eateries, businesses and public agencies are located there. And if you chose to walk to the other side from the cathedral, you will soon find yourself in a street that is a direct opposite to Gediminas Avenue, namely, in Pilies Street, which is considered to be not only the oldest but also the most ornate street in the old town of the capital city. The stone pavement, cosy coffee shops, souvenir stores, and authentic architecture is what creates a truly special atmosphere. Those interested in architecture will have some good time there, as the street is lined with buildings that feature a whole network of architectural styles: Gothic, Baroque and Renaissance.

Include the St. Ann’s Church, a true masterpiece the Gothic architecture, in your list of things to see, when visiting the capital, as the church is a fascinating sight not only because of its beauty and elegance but also because of the legends surrounding it. According to one of them, Napoleon Bonaparte, who was fascinated by the beauty of St. Ann’s Church, wanted to carry it to Paris on his palm. Architecture lovers should also visit another place of worship, the Church of St. Peter and St. Paul. The church is a Baroque structure with an interesting exterior and not less fascinating interior, where one can admire approximately two thousands of stucco figures!

Art lovers visiting Vilnius will have an extraordinarily wide range of entertaining and exciting leisure opportunities: museums, galleries, theatres and other venues will help to enhance your baggage of knowledge and experiences, as well as will leave a lasting impression. Visit the Lithuanian National Museum, the largest repository of the historical cultural heritage of the country, as well as the Lithuanian Theatre, Music and Cinema Museum, the National Gallery of Art, Museum of Applied Art and Design, Vilnius Picture Gallery and other.

The Palace of the Grand Dukes of Lithuania is another tourist attraction in the capital city. The exhibits of the palace will enable you to learn about to the historic functions of this residence, the weaponry collection, the everyday life of the palace residents and a variety of other interesting things. The Palace of the Grand Dukes of Lithuania opened its doors to visitors several years ago, and has been one of the most visited places of attraction since then.

Wondering what else to do in Vilnius? Vilnius TV Tower, the tallest building in the country, which rises to the sky for over three hundred meters, is definitely worth visiting! From the rotating observation deck, you will see a multitude of structures scattered beneath your feet, the cobwebs of the streets, and the entire panoramic view of Vilnius city.

Vilnius will give a whole bunch of unforgettable moments to every guest of the city.