Kaunas tours

Kaunas tours

Kaunas tours – get to know, explore the history, and have a good time

Kaunas, the second largest city in Lithuania, is very diverse and contrasting: the authentic legacy of the city and its modern part, buildings that feature different architectural styles are combined harmoniously, as well as the city has a perfectly developed modern urban infrastructure with well-groomed green areas. There is no lack of theatres, museums, galleries, and architectural monuments in this city. Sightseeing in Kaunas will give you the joy of knowledge and unforgettable moments.

Places to visit in Kaunas

Kaunas has an impressive number of interesting sights that will fascinate history, architecture, art, culture, and nature lovers. While staying in this city, visit the famous Gothic Castle of Kaunas, which is located in an extremely beautiful place at the confluence of two largest rivers of Lithuania - Nemunas and Neris. It dates back to the 14th century and is the oldest stone castle in the country.

Visit the Ensemble of Pažaislis Monastery and Church, which is one of the most impressive Baroque masterpieces in Lithuania. There is no doubt that you will be fascinated by the exterior and the gorgeous interior of the monastery, as well as its artistic treasures. Various educational programs are organized at the museum.

While staying in Kaunas, do not miss a trip to the Lithuanian Open-Air Folk Museum, which will be a perfect introduction to the peculiarities of life of Lithuanian villages and towns of 18th-20th centuries. You will see, touch and feel a special and authentic aura, reminiscent of the times when the sweets and bitters of life took place inside the walls of centuries-old farmhouses. The museum offers opportunities to embark on a ‘journey of knowledge and experience’ based on educational activities and unique attractions, such as a ride in a horse-drawn carriage.

Another interesting museum is the Devils’ Museum, one of a kind in the world! More than three thousand various devils that come from Lithuania and seven dozen other countries are waiting for your attention there.

Art lovers should not miss an opportunity to visit the M.K. Čiurlionis National Art Museum, which is the perfect place to get acquainted with creations of M.K. Čiurlionis. Not only will your eyes be delighted with the wonderful paintings and graphics but you will also be able to listen to the music created by this composer.

If you are interested in architecture, and especially in architectural solutions of churches, you will find something pleasing to the eye in Kaunas. Firstly, the Basilica of the Resurrection of Christ, which is the largest basilica-type church in the Baltic States and has a marvellous interior and exterior. There is an observation deck on the roof of the basilica, from which a spectacular panoramic view of Kaunas city opens. Another structure worth visiting is the Church of Vytautas the Great, a structure attributable to Gothic architecture and dating back to the year 1400. Noteworthy is also the Kaunas Cathedral Basilica of Apostles St. Peter and St. Paul that was built in the 15th century, has been reconstructed several times, and today combines features of various styles: Baroque, Neo-Baroque, Renaissance, Neo-Gothic and Classicism.

Take a tour of Panemunės castles. The tour includes a stop in Raudondvaris, where the Raudondvaris Manor, housing the exposition of J. Naujalis Memorial Museum, is located, as well as a wonderful Raudonė Castle, surrounded by a park and hills, and another beautiful castle, namely, Panemunė Castle, that stands on a hill in the surroundings of quietly rippling ponds and well-groomed park.

After a purposefully spent day in Kaunas, a walk via Laisvės (Freedom) Alley, the main street of the city, will be a perfect idea for a quiet evening. With a length of about 1.7 kilometres, it is one of the longest pedestrian streets in the entire Europe! This alley is an ideal place to admire the unique legacy of interwar modernist architecture. Apart from that, you will find many various shops in this street, as well as a wide range of eateries.