Plateliai tours

Plateliai tours

Plateliai tours - a magnificent nature and the echoes of the Cold War in an exclusive museum

The town of Plateliai situated on the western shore of Plateliai Lake in the Samogitia region is rightly known as one of the most beautiful towns in the area. Located in the Samogitian National Park, the town has an interesting layout structure, a beautiful church, and a manor house that form just a part of the tourist attractions in Plateliai. A rich history, enchanting nature, interesting sights and, of course, the famous Plateliai Lake are what make this town attractive to the visitors who wish to discover, see, and experience new things and to enjoy a purposeful stay.

Places to visit in Plateliai

When visiting Plateliai, take a stroll through the neat and well-groomed centre of the town of Pateliai and explore the Church of St. Peter and St. Paul, which is one of the oldest in Lithuania. Although the church constructed of trimmed logs has been renewed several times, its original image has changed to a minimal extent to this day.

Travel to the Plateliai Manor Homestead, which until the end of the 18th century was the property of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania and later belonged to the family of Choiseul-Gouffier, French counts. The manor homestead will fascinate the fans of architecture and history: the barn, the granary, the stables and other buildings have been preserved, while the wonderful manor park will satisfy the curiosity, fascinate and leave a deep impression. What is more, the preserved structures are now adapted for cultural development: the barn is turned into the Culture Centre, the granary contains a display of exhibits that enable to take a closer look at the Samogitian National Park, and the Centre for Crafts successfully operates in the cellar. The latter enjoys a great popularity among those who wish to learn how to make candles, to hand knit wristlets and decorate eggs and so on.

Those who are looking for something interesting and unexpected to visit in Plateliai should take a look at the unique exposition, which welcomes visitors at the Cold War Museum. The latter is housed in a former Soviet Union underground ballistic missile launch facility. The exhibits of the museum will reveal in detail many interesting facts about the impact of one of the longest and, undoubtedly, most dangerous wars on the entire European continent, as well as about the organisation and operation of the secret nuclear weapons.

Wondering what else to see in Plateliai? Head straight to the Plateliai Lake observation deck for a breathtaking view of the rippling lake, the islands scattered in it, as well as the peninsula and the forests, covering the earth with their dense green mantle. You will also find information boards installed there that will tell you some of the legends that surround Plateliai Lake.

And what about active leisure fans? Rent bikes! It will be not only an entertaining but also a purposeful activity, as cycling around Plateliai Lake you will have the opportunity to admire an extraordinarily beautiful scenery.

Plateliai will leave an indelible impression on nature lovers, history and architecture fans, as well as anyone who appreciates the harmony of educational, active and passive leisure. If you get hungry when traveling around Plateliai, you will easily find where to satisfy your hunger: great eateries are waiting there for everyone who wishes to taste traditional Lithuanian dishes.