Juodkrantė tours

Juodkrantė tours

Juodkrantė - meet the characters coming from legends and have an exciting time

Once a small village, today Juodkrantė is the second largest settlement of the Curonian Spit. Set in a stunning location in the valley of the ancient dunes, the township attracts tourists not only from Lithuania but also from neighbouring countries and offers a wide range of attractions and activities, as well as quality recreation in the surroundings of the enchanting nature.

Places to visit in Juodkrantė

Juodkrantė is profuse in tourist attractions. The educational dendrology trail, extending over 1,600 meters, invites you to explore the surroundings and breathtaking nature of Juodkrantė. It is a perfect place for a stroll, if you are looking for tranquillity, fresh air and wish to admire the dunes overgrown with centuries-old firs and pines.

On the coast of the lagoon, take a look at the exhibits of the Land and Water stone sculpture park that are created by artists from Lithuania, Sweden, Great Britain and other countries.

Visiting Juodkrantė and not climbing the Hill of Witches? It would be unforgivable, as this unique hill is one of the symbols of the settlement. The wooden folk sculptures, inhabiting the hill and reflecting the characters of fairy tales and legends, fascinate both adult tourists and the little ones. Devils, witches, fairies, dragons and other wooden inhabitants of the Hill of Witches are dancing, musicing, playing cards, swinging and invite you to join them.

When considering what to see in Juodkrantė, include to your list of must-see places the sightseeing trail that stretches through the Nagliai Nature Reserve. The view of the Grey Dunes, also known as the Dead Dunes, the name determined by the colour of the dominant vegetation, will open up along the trial. Formed by strong winds, these dunes have a secret: there are four villages of the Curonian Spit beneath them, which they once buried and still keep under a thick layer of their sands.

You will have a unique opportunity to see the spectacular heron and cormorant colonies when visiting Juodkrantė. The array of nests of the Great Cormorants and Grey Herons look incredible, and, since the end of winter, the active life of these birds can be observed from the viewing platform installed nearby the colony.

While staying in Juodkrantė, do not miss the opportunity to enjoy one of the most popular forms of active leisure practised there: kite surfing or windsurfing. You will easily find rental service providers at the seaside or next to the lagoon, where you can rent all the equipment you need to have a great time and positive emotions on the water!

While exploring all the enchanting and fascinating attractions offered by Juodkrantė, you will definitely get hungry. Where to eat in Juodkrantė? The township has a wide network of eateries: restaurants, cafes, bars, cookshops and more. Enjoy traditional dishes and do not miss the chance to taste fish perfectly prepared by local fishermen.

The charming Juodkrantė will give you unforgettable moments and supplement you baggage of impressions and knowledge. And if you are considering where to stay in Juodkrantė, you will have no problem with this, because the accommodation infrastructure there is enviable. However, the resort is very popular, so it is advisable to reserve a place for a longer stay in advance.