Vente tours

Vente tours

Ventė - a unique bird migration site

A small but extremely charming village of Ventė is located in a unique place – a cape of the Curonian Lagoon known as the Cape of Ventė. If you prefer a peaceful and cosy recreation, then Ventė, which is a true oasis of tranquillity, will meet your expectations to the full. What’s more, the tourist attractions located in and around the area will add some charming moments to your stay and give you the best of experience and a wealth of knowledge and impressions.

Places to visit in Ventė

Although Ventė is a tiny place adapted to passive leisure, fans of both active and passive recreation will find attractions and activities there that suit them best. One of the most unique places of interest that attracts the greatest numbers of curious visitors is the Ventė Cape Ornithology Station, which was established there in 1929 thanks to Professor T. Ivanauskas. Strategically, the location is perfect for a bird ringing station, as a huge bird migration route stretches over the Ventė Cape, and it is not uncommon that over one hundred thousand birds per day fly over this area! There you will find out interesting facts about bird ringing and the history of the process, as well as the benefits of bird ringing and the information it provides about the birds and their location. Getting to know the unique world of bird ringing and bird watching is an exceptional experience! Once there, be sure to visit the museum that operates at the Ornithology Station. The exhibits of the museum will give you a wealth of new information or allow to deepen your knowledge about bird migration and the peculiarities of bird ringing, as well as to discover the amazing fauna of the Curonian Lagoon and its breathtaking landscapes.

During your stay in Ventė, take time to visit the Ventė Cape Lighthouse. The first lighthouse erected there in 1837 was a wooden structure surrounded by water from the three sides, which implied the need to reinforce the tip of the Ventė Cape with stone in order to protect the lighthouse. Nowadays, a solid brick lighthouse, reaching 11 meters in height, stands there. Those who wish to climb to the top of the lighthouse will have to meet the challenge of quite a number of iron steps. But it is definitely worth doing, as, once there, the magnificent views of the Curonian Lagoon, a part of the Curonian Spit, and Rusnė Island will open beneath your feet...

Take time to explore the surrounding areas, while visiting Ventė - no doubt, you will find many fascinating natural wonders. Go hiking or rent a bike and admire the ever-changing scenery, the sights of which compete with each other in beauty.

Ventė is an ideal place for a peaceful high quality recreation with your family. Everyone who wishes to break away from the daily round of chaos, routine and whirlpool of works will find a cosy refuge there. A stay in Ventė will guarantee great emotions and an uplifted mood, not to mention the impressions and a wealth of knowledge gained while visiting the attractions located there!