Šiauliai tours

Šiauliai tours

Šiauliai tours – Hill of Crosses and plenty of interesting museums

Located in the northern part of Lithuania, Šiauliai is one of the larger cities in the country. Although many know it because of the Hill of Crosses situated nearby, we assure you that it is not the only place of interest in Šiauliai. The city offers a wide range of attractions, so every guest to the city will find the routes to visit attractions they are most interested in.

Places to visit in Šiauliai

Include Žaliūkai Miller’s Homestead in your must-visit list in Šiauliai. There you will find a unique experience impossible to gain anywhere else. It is a true ethno-cultural oasis for cherishing traditional customs, where you will see a perfectly restored miller’s farmhouse and a wooden windmill, where, a proper thing for a miller to do, grain is milled and bread is baked in compliance with ancient traditions. The tour of this homestead and the educational activities will provide you with a solid baggage of knowledge, experiences and impressions.

Diversify your stay in Šiauliai by a visit to the Bicycle Museum, one of a kind in Lithuania, dedicated to the history of this means of transport. The exhibits of the museum will visually present to you the origins and evolution of one of the oldest means of transport. Explore the exhibits that remind of old times, a unique home-made bike, and a fascinating tricycle manufactured back in 1905. The models that represent modern times are waiting for your attention too.

Another interesting place for museum lovers in Šiauliai is the Cat Museum. Most probably, what will fascinate you most will be not the real cats that will meet you but that host of cat statues and pictures, postal stamps with cats, toy cats, books about cats, crockery with cat pictures and more that you will see inside. Cats seem to be everywhere in that place: depicted on chairs, lighting fixtures, and wherever else you look. The exhibits come from Lithuania and many other countries of the world.

All those who have a sweet tooth should travel to the Chocolate Museum operating in Šiauliai. The old building of the Rūta Confectionary Factory, which now houses the museum, opened its doors to visitors in 2012. You will learn about the chocolate consumption traditions and secrets dating back thousands of years, as well as their changes over the centuries. In addition to exploring the exhibits that arouse curiosity and provide new information, visitors will also have an opportunity to participate in funny and engaging interactive activities.

You can also visit the Cinema Museum, Radio and TV Museum, Police Museum, and Šiauliai Railway Museum in this city, as well as other interesting and exclusive sights, ensuring valuable time.

Explore the beautiful Cathedral of Apostles St. Peter and St. Paul, distinguished by its distinct architectural solutions of the Renaissance era.

When walking around Šiauliai, you will have the opportunity to admire a great variety of sculptures decorating this city: the Motherhood (lith. Motinystė), depicting a mother with a child on the lap, the Music (lith. Music), symbolising youth, the Iron Fox (lith. Geležinė lapė), which weights nearly 7 tonnes, the Grandpa with Grandchildren (lith. Senelis su anūkais), radiating warmth and care, and many more.

There is no doubt that your acquaintance with Šiauliai will be incomplete without visiting the famous Hill of Crosses. It is a unique Lithuanian sight, which receives large tourist flows both from our country and abroad. The place features a multitude of crosses, ranging from tiny ones to massive and large ones.

The places of interest in Šiauliai are entertaining, attractive and unique, enabling you to sufficiently supplement your baggage of knowledge and impressions.