Nida tours

Nida tours

Nida - a gem of the Baltic Sea to give you a purposeful time

Nida, who firmly holds the title of one of the most beautiful resorts on the Baltic Sea, attracts romantics, families with children and all who yearn for a quality rest and eventful time in a wonderful paradise-like place that offers enchanting sunsets, magical rays of the orient sun, tranquillity, emanating from the lagoon and the sea, as well as characterful sights to satisfy the curiosity of the tourists.

Places to visit in Nida

Include the Parnidis Dune, one of the prides of Nida, which is well-known not only in Lithuania but on a much larger scale, in your list of must-visit places during your stay in Nida. From there, the path of the sun may be observed as if placed on your palm: from the east, when the sun emerges from the water or rolls on its surface, to the west, when it is sinking into the Baltic waves. Rising to a height of 52 meters above sea level, the Parnidis Dune offers a breathtaking view of the Nida settlement, the old lighthouse, dating back more than a century, and the lagoon, which you can admire from the observation deck installed on the top of the dune. Another attraction there is the Sundial, an impressive granite structure.

Undoubtedly, what represents Nida best is an unparalleled nature, so explore it by taking a walk on the 1,700 m educational path that runs through the southern part of the settlement. The views of meadows, dunes, and forests will open before your eyes along the way.

Find some time for climbing to Urbas Hill that ‘keeps’ the old lighthouse on the viewing platform installed at the top of the hill. It is a perfect place for the fans of culture as, during the warm season, traditional events of Nida are held there and, in the evenings, film screenings.

If you are partial to history and archaeology, visit the Stone Age settlement located just one and a half kilometres southwest of Nida. This is a unique place where you will get acquainted with the peculiarities of lifestyle of the very first inhabitants of the Curonian Spit.

Visit another attraction during your stay in this area - Nida Fisherman’s Ethnographic Homestead that dates back to 1927 and is set in a beautiful location right next to the lagoon. The exhibits presented there, along with the interior and exterior of the homestead, will tell you the story about the household and lifestyle of the fishermen of the late 19th and 20th centuries. The authentic furniture, household items, fishing equipment and other details create a special authentic atmosphere, and it feels like you are brought back to those days.

While visiting Nida, take time to visit the Mizgiriai Amber Gallery and Museum. There you will learn about the winding history of the Baltic amber, its formation and variety of colours, see wonderful inclusions, find out what amber extraction methods used to prevail in the past and what are used now, as well as will have an opportunity to see great works of Lithuanian artists.

Nida and its attractions will give you lots of excitement and an unforgettable time. Don’t be surprised if you already know you’ll be back before you have left the place. And one more thing, when in Nida, make sure to taste the smoked fish produced by local fishermen!