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1. General Provisions
The Website and its Content are administered by a person obligated by Klaipėda Tours, UAB or a company responsible for the Website operation and administration. Information provided by this Website relates to travel and tourism services. This Website Use Policy determines the procedure of use of the Website, rights of use of the Website Content and other conditions of use of the Website as well as the rights, obligations and responsibilities of the Administrator and User. The Use Policy is obligatory for all Users and Administrator of the Website. The User of the Website confirms his/her consent to this Use Policy and undertakes to comply with them by clicking "I agree to the following Use Policy".

2. Users and Services Provided
2.1. The Users may use all information on the Website for free only for personal non-commercial purposes and not violating the copyright of the Website creators, the rights of ownership and use of the Website information as specified by the legal acts of the Republic of Lithuania.
2.2. In all cases the Website Policy or Content are forbidden to be copied and used for the basis of other portals, internal information systems in order to receive direct or indirect benefit for dissemination of information or the right to use it by the third parties.

3. Rights and Obligations of User and Administrator
3.1. The User has the right:
1. To use the Website Content according to the general conditions described in clause 2.1 and complying with the Website Use Policy.

3.2. The User undertakes:
1. To use the Website only strictly complying with the whole Use Policy;
2. To not use the information received from the Website or its Administrator for performance of illegal actions;
3. To use the Website only in such a way, that cannot endanger the proper operation, security, integrity of the Website or restrict any other persons' opportunity to use the Website.

3.3. The Administrator undertakes:
1. To administer the Website and taking into account the provisions of the Policy to provide the honest Users with an opportunity to use the Website and its services.
2. To make every effort to ensure the uninterrupted and proper operation of the Website, as well as to promptly correct failures of the Website.
3. To store the received data about the User safely and not to use them for illegal actions, as well as not to create conditions for the third parties to use them, unless required by the procedure established by the legal acts of the Republic of Lithuania;

3.4. The Administrator has the right:
1. To change the range, form and prices of information/services provided by the Website.
2. To change this Website Use Policy.
3. To transfer its rights and obligations related to the fulfilment of the purposes specified in this Policy, arising from the Policy and the Website administration to the third parties without the consent of the User, if necessary.

4. Other Responsibilities of the Parties
4.1. The Administrator is responsible for the proper fulfilment of the obligations set by this Policy and valid legal acts.
4.2. The Administrator guarantees that all the services provided by the Administrator are legal and correspond to the provisions of the legal acts valid in the Republic of Lithuania.
4.3. The Website may contain links to other websites or information from other websites that are owned and operated not by the Administrator. Such links and information are published only for the Users' convenience. The Administrator does not control these websites and their contents and disclaims any responsibility for such websites and information, including but not limited to the security of the websites, the content and form of the information published on them.
5. Other Conditions
5.1. The User unconditionally agrees with all the conditions of the Policy and irrevocably agrees that the Administrator shall manage and process any User's data provided, including personal data, for an indefinite period of time and use them for the purposes of fulfilment of this Policy, direct marketing, statistics.
5.2. The Website operates in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Lithuania. Any disputes arising due to the Administrator's activity or related to it shall be solved by negotiations and, if disagreements are not resolved peacefully, the disputes shall be resolved in accordance with the procedure established by the laws of the Republic of Lithuania.

Concluded: November 2020

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