Kaliningrad tours

Kaliningrad tours

Königsberg (Lith. Karaliaučius) - the city where distinct features of German and Russian history intertwine

The Königsberg (also known as Kaliningrad) region of a moderate size that belongs to Russia is located between Poland and Lithuania. It is a truly complex history of the place what attracts travellers from Lithuania, Poland, Germany and other countries to this city. Places of interest in Königsberg will add colour to your journey, enhance your baggage of knowledge and enable you to spend your time meaningfully.

Places to visit in Königsberg

If somebody described to you Königsberg as a city of churches, your stay there will soon prove it to be true, as to explore the churches of this city, their exteriors and interiors, and amazing architectural solutions is really worth doing. Include the church standing in the Victory Square to your list of must-visit sites, get to the observation deck installed there, and enjoy the breathtaking views of the city and the lake.

During your stay in Königsberg, visit the Museum of the World Ocean (also known as the Sea Museum), where you will see giant aquariums, housing diverse aquatic fauna and flora, and huge ships that look truly impressive. Interestingly, the museum itself is located on board ships, which is very much in line with its name and theme. A submarine is one more attraction in this museum. Another interesting museum in the area is located in a bunker, the former German command post during World War II. The exhibits displayed there date back centuries, and some of them are at least 700 old!

Wondering what else to see in Königsberg? Visit the cathedral, built between 1333 and 1380, which features an elegant and graceful Gothic style, as well as has some elements of the Romanesque architecture. The cathedral rises to the sky over thirty meters and its tower reaches nearly sixty meters.

Do not miss the Königsberg Castle, one of the most important attractions in this city. It was badly damaged during World War II, so currently it is in a state of ruin, however, there are plans to restore the castle.

If you are traveling with children, allocate some time to the Königsberg Zoo. Even though it won’t match the biggest zoos in Europe in terms of size, it will certainly add fun to your visit to this city.

Explore the authentic fishing village that has maintained a special aura. You will find it near the cathedral. Here you will see a lighthouse with an observation deck and houses built by Germans.

Visit the Amber Museum during your stay in Königsberg. Impressive exhibits of amber that reveal the history of the so-called Baltic gold, its extraction methods, and trade routes, as well as demonstrate the masterpieces that can be created from it, await you there.

If you have a passion for nature, wish to break away from your daily routine, and are dreaming of a perfect relaxation in the surroundings of a fabulous nature, travel to the Curonian Spit, which stretches for almost fifty kilometres within the Königsberg region. In addition to the golden dunes, pine forests and beautiful beaches, you will have an opportunity to see a unique phenomenon: the Dancing Forest. Why dancing? Because, due to unknown reasons, the trees that grow there have taken unusual, original and even stunning shapes that give the impression of dance movements.

Königsberg will give you exiting moments, meaningful time, as well as provide an opportunity to deepen your knowledge of history and explore unique and interesting sights.